It appears that Temu may be gathering lots of information unnecessary to shopping. One should think twice about loading it to your phone. Two class-action lawsuits have recently been filed against Temu. Please see below.

Popular online retailer Temu facing a class-action lawsuit in Illinois over data privacy concerns — “Temu, a discount online retailer, is faceing two class action lawsuits alleging deceptive data collection practices and inadequate data security. Plaintiffs claim the app gathers excessive personal information beyond what’s needed for shopping, potentially including Bluetooth and biometric data. They accuse Temu of misleading users about data use and failing to secure financial information, leading to unauthorized charges and credit offer spam. Temu denies the allegations, calling them “meritless” and attributing the claims to a short-seller aiming to manipulate their stock price. They insist their privacy practices are industry-standard and transparently disclosed, though concerns remain about the extent of data collection and potential security vulnerabilities.

Dorothy Tucker, Carol Thompson, CBS News (2/12/2024) — See Full Article